You’re a professional.

That means you’ve got a lot of things on your plate. Sometimes there’s not enough hours in a day. And, now, on top of everything you already do, you’re expected to be both a publisher and a social media expert.

Chances are you’ve either got no time left in your day or you just don’t have the desire to attempt the learning curve that goes along with writing online content. Period.

Here’s what I’ll bring to the table:

  • 20+ years as a freelance writer
  • 8 years as a managing editor
  • 5 years managing social media, blogging and writing promotional content using best SEO practices

I can build up your profiles, find your audience, help you know your competitors and determine your goals for online content.

Together we can work out the specifics of what you need right now and how you can continue to fulfill your needs in the future.

You need someone skilled at communicating information effectively and accurately. Someone personable. Relaxed. Easy to work with. Someone who sticks to deadlines and gets the job done. And someone who knows how to write their way around the online world.

Let’s talk.


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